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My Stroll in The Parisian Macao

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Old news (nice oxymoron), but Macau has got a new hotel: The Parisian Macao. If it sounds familiar, remember there is another hotel called The Venetian Macao. What would be the next -tian/-sian, I wonder? (I am opting for Asian). Having actually been to the real Paris and the real Eiffel Tower, the replica tower looks discernibly smaller and way less imposing, but nevertheless it made a pretty picture.


^But even if the tower is half the size of the original, it is nevertheless too large for me to take a full-length picture of.

The interiors of the stores are top-notch and exquisite. They are either high-end boutiques or high-tech universes, so I spent more time admiring than purchasing. But in the high end, I succumbed to the temptations and bought a pair of shoes (etc.)

I love the details and the architectural references to different French monuments. Mr. Architect (c’est Charles Lee) is definitely laudable. I tried piece the Parisian and the real France together and identify what alludes to what, and it wasn’t difficult at all.  Are those squat square trees around the tower are not the squat square trees leading to Marie Antoinette’s Petit Trianon?

The shopping stripe is supposed to make you feel as if you are shopping at an alfresco place, strutting in a natty suit in the high-fashion districts of Paris. Did I feel the way I’m supposed to feel? Well, not really. I went to Paris two years ago, and the beautiful thing about Paris is its pittoresque-ness, its antique flair, and its rusty, romantic, quaint beauty. Everything about the Parisian Macao is too brand new and shiny. It frankly it did not manage to capture that aspect of Paris’ beauty, but I guess you can still say that the difference did it good, and made it more special, like une belle moderne VS une belle originale. And oh, I just realised that what it’s really like is a pristine, opulent Versailles Palace back in the 17th century when it was newly built.

You are a peasant from the Third Estate invited inside to protest about your agricultural worries.


The ceilings remind me of Galerie des Batailles!img_0186


^Place de la Concorde! 


^Salon de Mars, non?



^Vois! La galerie basse et la Salle des Hoquetons (in the Versailles Palace they are two that have the black and white checkered floors like that


^The walls should be cracked, discolored, and drenched in ivy!

You can actually go up the Tower, although I didn’t because of time restraints. Plus there was quite a lot of people, and a lot of kids. But what can I say, I went there on National Day (which was on October 1st, so these pictures are from quite a while ago!)

But here’s picture that is little more recent…Macau’s Eiffel Tower in its Christmas glory (recent?!).


Thanks for strolling!

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