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Blue skies in Guangzhou and Zhongshan

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I went to Guangzhou and Zhongshan a few weeks ago…and it was beautiful! But I’m sure some of you are aware of the smog + haze (霧霾/雾霾) of the PM2.5 that is consuming China the past few days due to the coming of winter. Let me grace you with these phone-taken-from-bus-window photos to show you how just very recently the skies were still cerulean blue.





Utterly breath-taking, right? It’s a huge feat to get this photos taken since I was on a moving bus all the time, so, please pat my shoulder.

ZhongShan TV and Film City

A place where gorgeous ‘sceneries’ are divided into regions of China, Japan, Britain, USA, etc., and from what I know these are kind of based on the places Sun Yat Sen had been to before. It was practically deserted, although I did stumble upon a couple of photographers and some film crews. I had a great time, although don’t expect a lot of fun activites there because all you can do is take photographs (and enjoy popsicles, horse shows, and a 4D(5D?) movie…erm, but there was so little people it felt a bit strange having everything to yourself).



Now this place was fun. Not much pictures to post because I was busy salivating over the craft vendors, where I bought gifts for my mom’s birthday. I didn’t have time to peer into all the quirky cafes, so I’m definitely going to come here again the next time I visit GuangZhou.


(concoction of random photos taken in museums, from the hotel window, and in the streets)

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