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Macau Fireworks: Italy and Canada!

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After the swooningly beautiful East Asian firework displays of Japan and Korea on Mid-Autumn’s Festival, we flew over the continents to Italy and Canada today! The theme is ‘Stars from afar’. Like I’ve promised, here are the pictures!

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My comments on today’s displays? Well, I think a picture is worth a thousand word, and look, I’ve got 10+ pictures here. Let’s just pretend today’s post is 10,000 words!

First, Italy at 9:00. My camera’s battery died halfway and I didn’t get a lot of shots, so the slideshow above is from Canada. For the first time in my life I had to watch firework anxiously—my camera was missing out on all the beauty, and I felt like you are, too.

The world’s pyrotechnics have obviously improved. No longer are our fireworks little dollops of primary colours with the same old sparkles. The shimmering effects are not messy anymore, but are now mesmerising, and everything is nearly perfectly symmetrical.

Next week, it’s National Day, which meant holiday for China. Which meant more fireworks too…from Romania and China as the grand finale! It’d be on the first of October, so keep an eye out for my posts or the night sky.

I think it’d be fair to mention the firework companies of our guests today:

Italy- Orzella Fireworks di Orzella Antonio

Canada- Feu d’artifice Orion

And again, click here to see the full program! http://fireworks.macaotourism.gov.mo/


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