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My Stroll in The Parisian Macao

Old news (nice oxymoron), but Macau has got a new hotel: The Parisian Macao. If it sounds familiar, remember there is another hotel called The Venetian Macao. What would be the next -tian/-sian, I wonder? (I am opting for Asian). Having actually been to the real Paris and the real Eiffel Tower, the replica tower looks discernibly smaller and way less imposing, but nevertheless it made a pretty picture.


^But even if the tower is half the size of the original, it is nevertheless too large for me to take a full-length picture of.

The interiors of the stores are top-notch and exquisite. They are either high-end boutiques or high-tech universes, so I spent more time admiring than purchasing. But in the high end, I succumbed to the temptations and bought a pair of shoes (etc.)

I love the details and the architectural references to different French monuments. Mr. Architect (c’est Charles Lee) is definitely laudable. I tried piece the Parisian and the real France together and identify what alludes to what, and it wasn’t difficult at all.  Are those squat square trees around the tower are not the squat square trees leading to Marie Antoinette’s Petit Trianon?

The shopping stripe is supposed to make you feel as if you are shopping at an alfresco place, strutting in a natty suit in the high-fashion districts of Paris. Did I feel the way I’m supposed to feel? Well, not really. I went to Paris two years ago, and the beautiful thing about Paris is its pittoresque-ness, its antique flair, and its rusty, romantic, quaint beauty. Everything about the Parisian Macao is too brand new and shiny. It frankly it did not manage to capture that aspect of Paris’ beauty, but I guess you can still say that the difference did it good, and made it more special, like une belle moderne VS une belle originale. And oh, I just realised that what it’s really like is a pristine, opulent Versailles Palace back in the 17th century when it was newly built.

You are a peasant from the Third Estate invited inside to protest about your agricultural worries.


The ceilings remind me of Galerie des Batailles!img_0186


^Place de la Concorde! 


^Salon de Mars, non?



^Vois! La galerie basse et la Salle des Hoquetons (in the Versailles Palace they are two that have the black and white checkered floors like that


^The walls should be cracked, discolored, and drenched in ivy!

You can actually go up the Tower, although I didn’t because of time restraints. Plus there was quite a lot of people, and a lot of kids. But what can I say, I went there on National Day (which was on October 1st, so these pictures are from quite a while ago!)

But here’s picture that is little more recent…Macau’s Eiffel Tower in its Christmas glory (recent?!).


Thanks for strolling!

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Blue skies in Guangzhou and Zhongshan

I went to Guangzhou and Zhongshan a few weeks ago…and it was beautiful! But I’m sure some of you are aware of the smog + haze (霧霾/雾霾) of the PM2.5 that is consuming China the past few days due to the coming of winter. Let me grace you with these phone-taken-from-bus-window photos to show you how just very recently the skies were still cerulean blue.





Utterly breath-taking, right? It’s a huge feat to get this photos taken since I was on a moving bus all the time, so, please pat my shoulder.

ZhongShan TV and Film City

A place where gorgeous ‘sceneries’ are divided into regions of China, Japan, Britain, USA, etc., and from what I know these are kind of based on the places Sun Yat Sen had been to before. It was practically deserted, although I did stumble upon a couple of photographers and some film crews. I had a great time, although don’t expect a lot of fun activites there because all you can do is take photographs (and enjoy popsicles, horse shows, and a 4D(5D?) movie…erm, but there was so little people it felt a bit strange having everything to yourself).



Now this place was fun. Not much pictures to post because I was busy salivating over the craft vendors, where I bought gifts for my mom’s birthday. I didn’t have time to peer into all the quirky cafes, so I’m definitely going to come here again the next time I visit GuangZhou.


(concoction of random photos taken in museums, from the hotel window, and in the streets)

Fillings (Check out a story I wrote!)

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Macau Fireworks on National Day


It’s National Day today! In the day, we see flags; at night, we see fireworks!

Tonight concludes the 28th Macao International Fireworks Display Contest, with the theme of ‘Celebration in the Sky’. Who do you think would be the winner? I can’t wait to find out, because this year I actually watched all the displays with diligent attentiveness!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was really expecting a grand finale type of thing, but tonight was sort of like an anticlimax. I mean, the shows themselves were naturally good, but they were the sparkly brisk type and I could hardly capture them on camera. Also, China, by Hunan Jingtai Fireworks co.,Inc (winner of 2014 by the way) used tons of red…red does not come out nicely in photos at all. 

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Macau Fireworks: Italy and Canada!


After the swooningly beautiful East Asian firework displays of Japan and Korea on Mid-Autumn’s Festival, we flew over the continents to Italy and Canada today! The theme is ‘Stars from afar’. Like I’ve promised, here are the pictures!

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My comments on today’s displays? Well, I think a picture is worth a thousand word, and look, I’ve got 10+ pictures here. Let’s just pretend today’s post is 10,000 words!

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Macau’s Mid-Autumn Festival of Fireworks


It’s Mid-Autumn Festival, one of the most anticipated day for the Chinese! In Macau, scintillating fireworks gave their celebratory sizzles, for it is also the 28th Macao International Fireworks Display tonight. In a way, I guess, it is going to occlude our round, lucid moon, the supposed lead character of the 15th, but the fireworks were nevertheless breath-taking. No one, at least not me, complained about it. The fireworks program is called ‘Mid-Autumn Harmony’ for a reason!


9 p.m sharp, and we see the brilliant bursts of Japanese flowers in the night sky in front of the Macau Tower. They were so…symmetrical to the architecture, and I must say that it is an incredible show.

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Welcome to Yooasia!

Hello! What is Yoosia? Yoosaisa…YOOASIA. Yes, that’s how you type it. Yooasia. It’s about you, Asia, and I.

Want to know more about Asia? What to know more about the lives here and how things work? Then you’ve came to the right place! Because I am going to post the most brilliant posts on this blog and you are going to either get nostalgic (because you are from Asia) or become mind-blown (someone who’s interested in it).

Although this is Yooasia, this blog may be predominantly about China, Macau, Hong Kong, and East Asia like Japan and Korea. But this blog is going to be broad, broad, b r o a d, covering on many different topics, so stay tuned!

Anyway, hope you like my blog!